covered or not covered in car insurance?

Third Party Property Damage:

What is covered in car insurance?

Pays for damage to third party vehicle and death/injury to third party person if the insured car meets with an accident with another vehicle.

Damage to your car: 

Damage caused to your car due to theft, accident or natural calamities is covered.

Bodily Injury:

In case of an accident, injury to the driver, passengers and third party person is covered.

Car Damage:

Covers damage to your car as well as third party vehicle in an accident.


Payable in case of death of the driver and passenger in the car due to an accident.

What is not covered in car insurance?

– Accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are not covered.

– Accidents caused by driving without a driving license are not covered.

– Car damage caused by an intentional accident is not covered.

– Damage caused due to aging of the car is not covered.

– Damage caused to your car due to oil leakage is not covered.

– Losses due to non-compliance of the conditions of the insurance company are not covered.

– If you sell your car to someone and the insurance of that car has not been transferred. Then if there is any loss in an accident then it is not covered.

What is Car Insurance? How it Work