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Maximum charge: Claims Compensation (CSR) is the total number of claims raised in a year and the number of claims approved by the insurer in a year. The higher the number, the more reliable the insurance company, while the chance of your family being rejected is low.

Claim Settlement Ratio: 

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Term insurance cost: It is the amount you pay the insurance company for financial protection. Payments can be made monthly, semi-annually and quarterly. Premiums do not increase with age

Term insurance premium 

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Other benefits (support): To improve your plan coverage, you can add benefits to your plan, such as a critical illness rider, accidental death rider, or permanent disability rider. Riders come at a premium

Add-on benefits (riders) 

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Cost of Insurance: This is how much money your candidate will get if things go wrong. This also determines the amount of money for the speech plan

Sum assured 

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Death benefit: It is the same thing as the insurance sum and returns the candidate if the event is not good.

Death benefit 

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