बकरी पालन के लिए बिज़नेस लोन कैसे लें?

बकरी पालन के लिए बिज़नेस लोन कैसे लें? | How to get Business Loan for Goat Farming?

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बकरी पालन के लिए बिज़नेस लोन कैसे लें? | How to get Business Loan for Goat Farming?

बकरी पालन लोन कैसे लें? Bakri Palan Loan

Goat Farming Loan 2022 : The name of the country in which we live is India and India is a developing country, where more than half the population belongs to rural areas.

If you live in rural area, then you will definitely have cow, buffalo, goat. Many times people living in rural areas have to face financial crisis, due to which people associated with animal husbandry have to face financial problems.

At present, the central government has started many schemes in animal husbandry works to avoid financial problems, one of which is Bakri Palan Loan Yojana .

Under this scheme, the government is promoting self-employment and agriculture sector in the country. This scheme wants to promote development works in the country by providing loans to rural areas and urban areas.

Through this article, we are going to tell you what is goat farming loan, which banks give goat rearing loan, how much land will be required to take goat farming loan, how to get goat farming loan Which documents will be required, what will be the eligibility criteria.


Apart from this, the interest rate, fees and charges and Goat farming loan will also provide some important information related to the loan, so this article will be very helpful for you, then you should read it till the end.

बकरी पालन के लिए बिज़नेस लोन कैसे लें?

Bakri Palan Loan Kya Hai/Kasie Le

Goat Farming Loan is a scheme run by the government, under which small farmers living in rural areas, people doing animal husbandry work will get opportunities to increase employment.

Under this scheme, the government has announced Bakri Palan Yojana 2022, which will increase the income of goat rearing people in the country.

Apart from this, the employment of those people will also increase and they will also be provided a loan of up to ₹ 500000 by the central government to buy sheep and goats under the goat rearing scheme.

Bakri Palan Loan Details in Hindi

article name How to get Goat Farming Loan? How to get goat farming loan
loan name Bakari Palan Business Loan
type of loan Business Loan
Age to take goat farming loan Between 21 to 65 years
Documents Required for Goat Farming Loan Aadhar Card, PAN Card , Income Proof, Address Proof etc.
goat rearing loan interest rate Starting at 11.20% p.a. interest rate
time to submit goat farming 12 months to 60 months
How much will I get the goat rearing loan? 1 lakh to 25 lakh rupees
Bakri Palan Loan Application Form PDF  Free Get
How to Apply SBI Bank Business Loan Online Mode/Offline Mode

What is the purpose of Goat Farming Loan?

The main purpose of goat rearing loan is to provide employment to the people, in the present time most of the people want to start their business, but they do not have money due to which they are completely unemployed. In view of this problem, the government has started goat rearing scheme.

If you want to do work like goat rearing, then they will be provided business loan under Bakari Palan Scheme 2022, so that more and more people will be able to start their employment in the country. Employment opportunities will increase.


MUDRA loan for goat farming

Since goat farming comes under the agriculture sector, the loan for goat farming under the Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA) loan scheme launched under PMMY will not be provided by the banks. 10 lakh for income generating activities in the service and manufacturing sectors to individuals and enterprises engaged in the non-farm sector with the help of banks. Provides loan up to Rs. However, the state and central government have launched various loan schemes and subsidies to promote goat farming.

Eligibility for taking Goat Farming Loan

Following are the eligibility criteria for goat rearing loan, if you verify this eligibility criteria then you will get the loan immediately and there will not be any problem in taking the loan. which is like this:

  1. Applicant’s age should be between minimum 18 years to 65 years
  2. If you want to open Goat Farm, then it is mandatory to have 20 goat + 1 goat capacity or 40 goat + 2 goat capacity, and on the basis of this you will be able to take Mudra loan from the bank.
  3. For goat rearing loan, you should have 0.25 acres of land available for pasture of livestock. If you do not have land, then you will be able to apply for a loan by taking someone’s land on rent as an agreement with the bank.
  4. In the area where you want to open a goat farming farm, you should also have the original residence certificate of that area.
  5. You must have the documents related to the loan like application form, aadhar card, pan card, bank account number, report etc.

Note II: If you are eligible as per the above mentioned information then you can apply for dairy loan by visiting any nearest bank branch.

What are the documents required to take goat farming loan ?

To take Goat Farming Loan Documents, you need some necessary documents. By using these documents you can get loan against your business. Which is as follows

  • Identity Card: Aadhar Card, PAN Card , Driving License etc.
  • Address Proof: Ration Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Voter ID Card etc.
  • Goat Farm Business Project Report
  • Bank statement of last 9 months
  • Passport Size 4 Photo (Latest)

Bakri Palan Yojana Online Apply

As friends, you know that any business needs money before starting it, in the same way we will need some money before starting goat farming business. You can get loan from various government and private banks to open Goat Farm.

Livestock Management Department is coming up with many types of schemes related to animal husbandry, in the same way Bakri Palan Loan Scheme is there. Those who want to be self-employed, who are poor people of rural areas, they can easily take advantage of this scheme and earn good income.

Goat farming scheme costs less and the main objective of this scheme is to increase the production of milk, meat and farmer can earn good income by rearing goat. Below we are providing you information about some of the major schemes and subsidies launched by banks and loan institutions.

How to get goat farming loan

Step 1 . To take goat farming loan, first of all the applicant has to go to his nearest veterinary office.

Step 2 . Now after reaching the office, you will have to take the application form of the scheme from the officer to apply.

Step 3 . After that read the application form carefully.

Step 4 . Now you have to manually submit all your important information

Step 5 . After filling all the details, you will have to attach the copy of all your required documents with the filled application form and submit the same from where you brought the application form.

Step 6 . After this the officer will contact you after checking your application form and all the required documents.

Note : Apart from this, you can also apply for Goat Farming Loan under your nearest bank branch like State Bank of India , Canara Bank, IDBI Bank, Mudra Loans under PMMY for Goat Farming Scheme.

फसल बीमा क्या है? | फसल बीमा के प्रकार

Bakri Palan Loan Benefits in 

You can take advantage of Bakri Palan Yojana as follows:

  1. No age limit or educational qualification has been kept under the goat rearing scheme, illiterate people can also do this business.
  2. No technical knowledge is required to start goat farming business.
  3. By taking advantage of Bakri Palan Yojana, you can start your own business near your home.
  4. You can earn good money even by investing less money to start this business.
  5. You will not have to take a loan from any person for goat rearing, you can directly get the loan by taking advantage of the scheme.
  6. Goat farming business can be done easily with farming in drought affected area, it is a good business of low cost.
  7. You will not even need to go far to sell goat’s milk or its meat etc.
  8. Cash money can be easily obtained by selling goats at the time of sudden emergency.
  9. Goat meat is very popular among the public and the demand for making goat farming business profitable keeps increasing rapidly.
  10. Loan is available with easy loan process and less paperwork.
  11. Instant loan approval and instant transfer.

Features of Bakri Palan Loan

Rate of interest : Varies with each loan institution and depends on the profile of the applicant

Loan amount : Depends on the project and business requirements

Project Cost : Up to 85% loan funded by the institution

Repayment Tenure : Loan can be deposited up to 7 years

The loan can be used for purposes like purchase of animals, vehicles, storage facilities, refrigerators, milk collection etc.

Bakari Palan Loan Helpline Number

If you need any kind of information related to Goat Farming Scheme or if you are facing any kind of problem in applying, then you can get the solution of your problem by contacting the help number given below.

Helpline Number – 06122230642

How much loan is available on 20 goat?

Loan up to ₹ 500000 can be taken from the bank on 20 goats. Under Goat Farming Scheme 2022, people living in the village who are involved in goat farming business can easily take advantage of this facility by submitting all their necessary documents to the bank to expand their goat business or take care of goats. Huh.

How to get goat farming loan?

To take goat farming loan, first you can go to your nearest bank or you can go to your nearest animal husbandry center. From there you can apply for a loan under the Goat Farming Scheme 2022 to take care of your goats and buy a new goat.

To give goat rearing loan, the bank will provide the loan amount only after verifying the project report of your business, ITR sleep, Aadhar card, PAN card, bank account number, bank statement of the last 6 months.

If you are not able to meet the eligibility criteria set by the bank, then you may face difficulty in getting this loan.

Which bank gives loan for goat rearing?

You can apply for a loan from any government or private bank to start goat farming business. At present, you can apply for goat rearing loan under ‘Agriculture Finance Sheep & Goat Rearing’ scheme through IDBI Bank.

Under this scheme of IDBI Bank, the minimum loan amount that can be got is ₹ 50000 and the maximum loan amount can be taken up to Rs 50 lakh.

It will only depend on the number of goats you have in your farm and how much you turn over in a year.

How much loan will I get on 10 goat?

Banks can get loan up to ₹ 400,000 on 10 goats, Goat Farming Scheme 2022 Goat animal husbandry loan will be provided to those people living in rural areas who want to start their new goat farming business.

This loan will be provided through Bakri Palan Loan Nabard Yojana 2022 run by the central government .

Goat Farming Loan SBI

To take goat rearing loan from SBI Bank, you go to your nearest bank and there you apply for Mudra loan, under the Shishu scheme of Mudra loan, you get a loan of up to ₹ 50000.

Apart from this, to start your business, you can easily take it from SBI Bank to increase your business under this scheme, you can apply for loan online by visiting the official website.

How much will it cost to raise 10 goats?

It will cost ₹ 500 for 1 day to raise 10 goats. Accordingly, if we talk about one month, then apart from this

If we talk about 1 month, then it will cost ₹ 3000 to raise 10 goats.

Apart from this, 36 to ₹ 40000 will be spent for 1 year. This cost depends on the maintenance of the goats.

Goat Farming Loan Uttar Pradesh 2022

To take Goat Farming Loan in Uttar Pradesh 2022, first you have to go to your nearest veterinary hospital and take the application form to apply for the loan there, after that all the information sought in the application form has to be filled correctly, after that Aadhar card Attested with PAN card and a project report, it has to be verified by the Veterinary Officer.

After this you will submit this form, now the loan amount is transferred to your given bank account under Goat Farming Scheme Uttar Pradesh, there is no process to apply online for this scheme, for this you apply offline. Bank finance companies are also providing this loan facility at present, where you can easily get a loan of up to ₹ 50000 on 10 goats.

Goat Farming Loan Bihar 2022

Goat Farming Loan Bihar 2022 : To take goat rearing loan in Bihar, first of all you have to apply under the animal husbandry scheme run in your state. can find out about

If the facility to take loan is available in your nearest veterinary hospital, then you can submit all your necessary documents and application form after attesting, after which the veterinary officer will verify your application form and also verify your information. will do it

After this the loan amount is transferred to your bank account, if there is no veterinary hospital near you, then you can go to your nearest bank and apply for small business loan there.

Bank Wise Goat Farming Loan

Goat Farming Loan from State Bank of India (SBI)

The determination of the loan amount for goat farming from State Bank of India depends on the requirements of the business and the profile of the applicant. The following preparation should be done for loan for goat farming from SBI-

  • There should be a well prepared business plan. Business plan contains all the necessary business related details like area of ​​business, location of business, breed of goats, equipment used in business, working capital investment money, total budget, marketing strategy, details of people working in business etc. It is mandatory to have the necessary information.
  • All the conditions must be fulfilled in the application submitted for goat rearing loan.
  • If necessary, the property will have to be kept as security. It should be prepared in advance.

nabard loan for goat farming

The main focus of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is on the growth of livestock business. For which NABARD is running various loan schemes. NABARD provides Goat Farming Loan with the help of various banks or loan institutions. According to the scheme of NABARD, people who come under the below poverty line, SC / ST category will get 33% subsidy on goat rearing. For other people who come under OBC and general category, they will get 25% subsidy. Which is maximum 2.5 lakhs. Will happen. Loans are available from the following banks and financial institutions under NABARD-

  • commercial bank
  • regional rural bank
  • State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
  • state co-operative bank
  • urban bank

Goat Farming Loan From Canara Bank

Only those people who are customers of Canara Bank get loan for business from Canara Bank. That is, they should have an account in Canara Bank. Canara Bank offers Sheep and Goat Farming Loans to its customers at attractive interest rates. Following are the features of Goat Farming Loan from Canara Bank:

  • Loan amount: As per the requirements of the business.
  • Loan Tenure: 4 to 5 years.
  • Loan Security: For loans up to Rs 1 lakh, the property to be built from the loan amount will have to be mortgaged. Meaning, when the loan is not repaid, the work that is being done with the loan amount will be the right of the bank.
  • Security on loan above Rs 1 lakh – For loans above Rs 1 lakh, the security of land and the property to be built out of the loan amount will have to be pledged.

Goat Farming Loan from IDBI Bank

IDBI Bank provides Goat Farming Loan through its own scheme. The name of the bank’s scheme is ‘Agriculture Finance Sheep & Goat Rearing’. Under which loans are provided for sheep and goat rearing. The minimum loan amount from IDBI is Rs 50,000 and the maximum loan amount is up to 50 lakhs.

FAQs (FAQs) related to Bakri Palan Loan

Q. From where to get loan for goat rearing?

Ans. IDBI Bank offers its Goat Farming Loan Scheme for goat rearing. The name of the bank’s scheme is ‘Agriculture Finance Sheep & Goat Rearing’. Under which loans are provided for sheep and goat rearing. The minimum loan amount from IDBI is 50 thousand rupees and the maximum loan amount is up to 50 lakhs.

Q. How much land will be required to start goat farming business?

Ans. For goat rearing loan, you should have 0.25 acres of land available for pasture of livestock. If you do not have land, then you will be able to apply for a loan by taking someone’s land on rent as an agreement with the bank.

Q. How to get loan against sheep goat?

Ans. To take a sheep goat loan, you can apply for a loan by going to your nearest bank, where you get the loan only after verifying your documents.

Q. From where to take loan for goat rearing?

Ans. You can take goat rearing loan from your nearest finance company, government bank, private bank, small finance bank etc. Apart from this, you can also take a business loan from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh under Mudra loan through State Bank of India.

Which bank gives loan for goat rearing?

Ans. You can also apply for goat rearing loan under your nearest bank branch like State Bank of India, Canara Bank, IDBI Bank, Mudra Loans under PMMY for Goat Farming scheme.

Questions related to goat rearing loan scheme:
Q. Can I take loan from NABARD under Goat Farming Scheme?
Ans. Yes, you can take Government of India provides subsidy to help people starting goat farming business. But you can get NABARD subsidy from only those banks which come under NABARD.
Q. From which banks come under NABARD?
Ans. Nationalized Banks, Urban Banks, State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks, Commercial Banks, Regional Rural Banks, State Cooperative Banks.
Q. Tell about goat rearing scheme?
Ans. For detailed information about Goat Farming Scheme, you read this article completely.

Bakri Palan Loan Review

Here we have told you the process about goat farming loan such as how you have to apply for goat farming loan, how much processing fee has to be paid for the loan and we have also told you what you need to do for the loan. Documents will be required, the entire process is provided in Hindi language.


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