Acko Car Insurance Review in hindi | Eco Car Insurance Review


Acko Car Insurance Review in hindi | Eco Car Insurance Review

Acko Insurance for cars is one of the best budget friendly insurance options in India. This insurance provider has a high settlement ratio and well built user friendly website for purchase and renewal. If you are pondering the question “Is Acko car insurance good?” or “Is Eco Car Insurance Good?” You have definitely come to the right Acko Car Insurance Review Article.

Check Features, Benefits, Purchase, Renewal and claim process to get detailed information about this Acko Car Insurance Provider and its plans.

Types of Car Insurance Plans from Acko Insurance

Acko offers several insurance policies to meet the insurance needs of personal as well as commercial cars. Let us have a look at all the available insurance plans offered by Acko.

1. Acko car insurance third party (Acko car insurance third party): This insurance plan covers third party liabilities due to your car. It also serves as a mandatory compliance for the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

2. Comprehensive car insurance (Basic & supersaver): Comprehensive car insurance (Basic & supersaver): This insurance plan covers third party liability as well as own damages in case of any force majeure. You can opt for add-ons to get additional coverage at a slightly higher premium.

3. Own damage cover: If you already have third party insurance, you can get insurance coverage for your car in case of accident, natural or man-made calamity, riot or theft. You can opt for own damage cover insurance.


4. Personal Accident Cover: This is another essential insurance plan that every car should have. Acko also offers personal accident cover for commercial use cars for commuters.

Personal accident cover provides coverage up to Rs. 15 lakhs for any accident that occurred while driving or mounting a registered car. However, you cannot avail this cover in case of illegal driving or diving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

5. Commercial car insurance: Acko offers commercial car insurance policies for commercial vehicles, i.e. passenger vehicles with a minimum seating capacity of 6 persons.

Available Add-on Options | Available Add-on Options

Acko Car Insurance offers the following add-on covers along with own damage and comprehensive insurance plans.

  1. Zero Depreciation (basic & supersaver) (Zero Depreciation)
  2. Roadside Assistance
  3. Engine Protection
  4. Consumables Cover
  5. Key Replacement Cover
  6. Outstation Emergency cover
  7. No Claim Bonus Cover
  8. Return to invoice cover
  9. Personal Belonging damage/ theft cover

These are cover options but provide additional insurance facilities on increase in premium.

Acko Car Insurance Features |Acko Car Insurance Features

1. Quick pickup and repaired car delivery in 3 days to cashless garages.

2. Rs. Insurance plans starting at Rs 2,072.


3. 24×7 Responsive Customer Helpdesk.

4. Paperless shopping and renewal through website and app.

5. Damages caused to third parties are covered. 6. Hassle free claim settlement.

7. The claim settlement ratio is 98% as per the assessment for the financial year 2019-20.

Acko Car Insurance Benefits

1. Pocket-friendly premium rates.

2. Round the clock roadside assistance.

3. Smooth process of purchase and renewal.

4. Acko Car Insurance Review hindi represents a high customer satisfaction rate.

How to purchase Acko insurance for cars? | How to buy Eco insurance for cars?

You can buy Acko car insurance online using the following methods.

1. Website: Go to the official website. Click here . Select “Cars & Taxi”, enter the car registration number or model and make. Click on “insure now” button. You will get the quote. Pay online through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, NEFT etc.

2. App: Download “Acko Insurance” app from App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the same procedure as on the website to buy the policy.

In both the cases, you will receive the policy documents in your registered email ID.

3. Offline: For offline purchase contact Acko helpline or agent or visit nearest branch.

How to download Acko insurance policy?| How to Download Eco Insurance Policy?

When you receive the policy document online, download the Eko car insurance policy from the attachment in the mail. Alternatively, you can download the policy document by logging in with the registered mobile number on the ACCO official website.

Acko car insurance Claim Process

The claim settlement process for this insurance is quick and simple. It provides hassle free claim settlement. You just have to follow these steps.

1. Notify the insurer at the earliest: You can contact the Acko helpline or make a claim through the website. Visit the official website, click on “Raise a Claim”. Enter the registered number. Enter OTP. Fill Eko Car Insurance Claim Form Online.

2. Repair: You can either drive to the network garage or get a pickup at the nearest Acko car insurance cashless garage from an Acko agent. If you can’t find Acko car insurance garage list online. Then call the helpline number to know the nearest garage location. If you are doing repairs from another garage, you can claim reimbursement.

3. Settlement: Acko disburses the claim amount directly at the cashless garage. The repaired car will be delivered to you in 3 days (for select cities). In case of compensation, you will have to provide the invoice and other documents to the insurer and Acko will directly distribute the claim amount to you.

You have to follow the same steps in case of offline claim settlement. To settle your claim offline, visit the nearest Acko office.

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Acko Car Insurance Renew | A car insurance renewal

Renewal of Acko insurance for car is quick and simple-

1. Visit the Acko website or app.

2. Log in with your registered mobile number.

3. Check the existing policy statements, answer a few simple questions.

4. Add/remove add-on cover.

5. Check the premium amount.

6. Make online payment through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, NEFT etc.

If you want to renew your car insurance policy offline, you need to visit the nearest Acko branch. For any assistance related to Acko Car Insurance Renewal you can contact Acko Car Insurance Contact Number.

Acko Car Insurance Customer Care 

To get any information regarding Acko insurance, you can contact the insurer by dialing 1800 266 2256 (Toll-free). You will not have to pay any charge for calling this number. This number is active 24×7. Hence, you can access Acko Insurance from anywhere, anytime. You can also write to Acko at .

Acko Car Insurance Review 

Multiple Acco Car Insurance Review Vouchers for your car insurance policy. Acko offers incredibly low premium and paperless door-to-door claims. Plus, Acko has unique plans to suit your needs .

Therefore, we hope that this information and a detailed overview of this insurance have answered your question, “Is Acko Insurance reliable?” Or “Is Acko Insurance Reliable?”


1. Is Eco Insurance good?

Yes, you can avail all the benefits of Eco Insurance and enjoy quick settlement. Moreover, the Acko Car Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio is 98% (financial year 2019-20) which is quite high. Therefore you can consider Acko Insurance as a good option.

2. What are the documents required to buy car insurance online from Acko?

There is no need to submit physical documents. You can buy this policy for your car from ACKO in just a few clicks.

3. How to buy Eco Car Insurance?

You can buy Acko Insurance online as well as offline. With online purchase, the purchase process of this insurance plan is completely paperless. You can use the official website or their app to make the purchase

4. How to Renew Eco Insurance?

You can easily renew your existing policy using the Acko website or app. See Detailed Step-by-Step Guide above. It is recommended that you renew your car insurance policy within 90 days of expiry

5. How to Check Eko Car Insurance Price?

You can easily check premium price through Acko official website.

1. Go to
2. Select “car and taxi”
3. Enter your car registration number, click on “insure now”
4. Alternatively, click on “get a quote” Do it.
5. Now you have to answer a few questions
6. Select the type of insurance plan.
7. Select the desired add-on cover.
8. You will receive the exact Eko Insurance price.

6. How to Buy Acko Third Party Car Insurance Online?

You can buy Acko Third Party Insurance online by using Acko Insurance or the official website of Acko Insurance App. The step by step guide of online purchasing policy is mentioned above.


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