What is No Claim Bonus

What is No Claim Bonus  | Important points related to No Claim Bonus


What is No Claim Bonus | Important points related to No Claim Bonus

Defination Of No Claim Bonus which is also known as NCB in short form. Friends, this is a kind of no claim bonus insurance premium discount given by insurance companies to their customers. For your information, let us tell you that it is given by the insurance company when the customer has not applied for the amount claim from the insurance company even once during the ongoing insurance period.

No claim bonus sum assured is given for which insurance?

Whenever we buy a new vehicle or vehicle, the vehicle insurance motor vehicle insurance is given to the customer by the car manufacturer company. But no claim bonus insurance is that if the customer has not caused any accident while driving the vehicle carefully on the road and the company has never made any claim for the vehicle, then the car manufacturer will reward its customer with a no-claim bonus. Provides insurance. In this insurance, a certain fixed amount is provided to the customer by the company.

Types of No Claim Bonus:

  • Cumulative Benefit means Higher Sum Insured

Insurance cover available in cumulative benefit

The year no claim bonus health coverage amount
1st year Rupee. 10 lakh
2nd year Rupee. 50,000 Rupee. 10.50 lakh
3rd year Rupee. 50,000 Rupee. 11 lakh
  • discount on premium

Percentage available in No Claim Bonus Insurance:

The year bonus percentage
1 year 20%
2 years 25%
3 year 35%
4 years 45%
5 years 50%

Important rules related to No Claim Bonus:

  • Friends, let us tell you that the no claim bonus depends not only on the condition of the vehicle but also on the driver or rider driving that vehicle. If the customer has sold or bought the vehicle before the completion of the insurance period. If the company wishes, it can pass a No Claim Bonus for the vehicle. This will have the advantage that the customer will not need to buy a new insurance policy separately.
  • Friends, if you have recently bought a new vehicle and you have an old vehicle, then you can transfer the no claim insurance to the new vehicle you have bought.
  • According to the no claim insurance policy, the insurance premium is 20% of the amount received. As soon as you take the insurance policy and after that as the period of insurance increases, it gets 20% if there is no claim in the second year of insurance. Similarly, in the third and fourth years of insurance, 25% and 35% of the insurance bonus is available. If the insurance policy is taken for the fifth and sixth year, then 45 and 60 percent of the premium is received by the customer.
  • In No Claim Policy, you can carry forward the insurance for future if you renew the policy within 90 days of the expiry of the insurance policy.

List of companies providing health insurance in India:

You can secure yourself and your family’s future by taking health plans from the following top insurance companies.

No insurance company name
1 health star insurance
2 Care Health Insurance
3 Aditya Birla Capital
5 Apollo Munich
6 Niva Health Insurance
7 ICICI Lambard
9 SBI General
10 Bajaj Alliansh Health insurance
11 Manipal Cigna
12 Reliance General Insurance
13 New India Insurance
14 Advalis Health Insurance
15 Chola MS
16 Oriental Insurance

No Claim bonus से जुड़े Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Is No Claim Bonus available for both Individual and Family?


Yes, the customer can take No Claim Bonus Insurance for himself and his family as per his wish.

Is No Claim Bonus applicable to all insurance policies?

No, only a few companies provide the facility of no claim bonus to their customers in policies related to health insurance.

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What is a policy brochure?

The advice taken before investing in any insurance policy is called a policy brochure in the language of insurance.

What percentage of premium sum assured is available in the last year in No Claim Bonus?

According to different plans of different companies, the customer insurer holder gets about 60 percent of the premium sum assured in the last year in No Claim Bonus.


what is the official website of lic

The official website of LIC is https://licindia.in/.

LIC India contact details :

Address Life Insurance Corporation Of India
Central Office
Jeevan Bima Marg
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400021
Contact Number Exclusively for Customers. Personalized attention
Monday to Friday : 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m.


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