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Fire in a miniature residential wooden building.

What is fire insurance?  about of fire insurance in 2023.

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What is fire insurance?  about of fire insurance in 2023.

Insurance has become very important in the present time, insurance means insurance . Insurance means the cover of the value of any item runs the mind. However , there is no information about the value of a person in Life InsuranceIn that the person takes insurance of winning. Accordingly, the risk of the person remains covered. The way there is life insurance and vehicle insurance . In the same way fire means fire insurance is also there, in today’s article we will tell you what is fire insurance. Will try to give details about it.

What is fire insurance?

Insurance which provides a protective cover for any thing and by adding the name fire in front of it, it becomes clear that the damage caused today is compensated through insurance, it is called fire insurance.

After buying fire insurance, if the person or any property of the person gets damaged due to fire. So in such a situation, that loss is compensated by the insurance company. Insurance policy concludes such a contract with human property and human beings.

Through which the insurance company compensates the loss due to fire to the property in exchange of a fixed premium and this company pays the money as compensation to the beneficiary. If there is any damage to your property through fire insurance policy coverage. So the cost of repairing the property or replacement or reconstruction of the property is fully provided by the company.

The main reason for taking fire insurance is that the loss caused to you and your property due to fire is compensated by the insurance company. Fire insurance is taken for this purpose.


Coverage available under Fire Insurance

When any person has to buy fire insurance, then before that what coverages are going to be available to that person through fire insurance. Would like to know about it. We are providing you some of these types of information below about the facilities available under fire insurance and the coverage available.

  • Through fire insurance, the compensation for the destruction caused by landslides is provided by the fire insurance policy.
  • Damages caused by strikes or terrorist activities are covered under this policy.
  • Along with storms and cyclones, damages caused by typhoons and floods are also covered through a fire insurance policy.
  • The damage caused due to electricity is provided to the person through fire insurance.
  • If there is any loss to the insured person or any damage to his property due to any explosion, then his risk cover is provided to the insured person under the fire insurance policy.
  • Damage caused by aircraft or any other equipment is covered through fire policy.

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Types of Fire Insurance

There are mainly two types of fire insurance policy, whose information we are providing below:

1. For Fixed Assets

A policy that provides risk cover for a person’s fixed assets. It is called Fixed Assets Policy.

2.Non Fixed Assets

A policy that provides risk cover for an individual’s uncertain assets. It is called Non Fixed Assets Policy.


Names of companies providing Fire Insurance

Our country India is progressing. There are many such companies in our country India. Which is providing fire insurance to the customers. We are providing you the list of companies providing fire insurance below:

  1. Apollo Munich health insurance
  2. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
  3. Cigna TTK
  4. ICICI Lombard
  5. L & T General Insurance
  6. Cholamandalam MS General Insurance
  7. Bharti AXA General Insurance
  8. HDFC ERGO General Insurance
  9. IFFCO Tokyo
  10. Reliance General Insurance

Benefits of Fire Insurance (Benefits of Fire Insurance in Hindi 2023)

The first thing a person assesses is why to take a fire insurance policy. Before taking a fire insurance policy, a person has a desire to get information about the benefits that can be availed through a fire insurance policy. What are the benefits of fire insurance policy. We are providing you the information about it below:

  • Through fire insurance policy, you can secure your home furniture, your vehicle or other items.
  • Through the fire insurance policy, you can get compensation for the loss due to fire through the policy.
  • Apart from today, fire insurance policy also provides you protection against many types of natural calamities.
  • Through the fire insurance policy, you are also provided coverage for damage to household items.
  • Through the fire insurance policy, not only the house but the repair expenses of all other electronic items like computer, air conditioner, television and etc. are also provided to you through the policy.
  • If there is a situation of injury to a person through fire insurance, then the medical expenses are also raised through the policy itself.
  • Through the fire insurance policy, you can get more cover in the company.
  • Loss of color due to today, loss of furniture as well as loss of plywood and cloth are also compensated by the insurance company.

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In today’s time, buying every type of insurance and through that insurance, risk cover for yourself and your property is achieved.

Fire insurance through which compensation for the loss due to fire is provided to the insured through the policy. In today’s article, we have given you Fire Insurance kya hota hai ? Information about this has been given in detail, we hope that you would have liked the information given by us.


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