Health Insurance Tips

Keep these things in mind before buying health insurance


Keep these things in mind before buying health insurance

Today’s run-of-the-mill lifestyle creates tension in the life of a common man, due to which he gets easily caught by diseases. Due to diseases, their financial condition gets affected and health insurance is very important to solve this sudden problem wisely. If you have a Mediclaim policy, then you do not have to worry about the expenses related to the illness. Let us know what are the things we need to keep in mind while buying health insurance so that we can get the full benefit of the policy taken.

Health Insurance Tips

Health Insurance: In recent times, there is once again a boom in the cases of corona infection in India. In the last few years, due to Kovid, awareness among people has increased a lot. At the same time, many people often refuse to buy health insurance thinking that their chances of falling ill are very less and hence there is no point in wasting money in paying the premium. People have to bear the brunt of this later.

Bhabatosh Mishra, Director (Products and Claims), Niva Bupa Health Insurance, says, “However, the good news is that India has made rapid progress in the medical field. Today most of the modern treatments are available in the country. Indian doctors are admired across the world and have the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques available.” However, the cost of these is very high, so in today’s time, it has become very important to have health insurance to deal with the expenses related to treatment. Mishra says that many people do not know how to choose the right health insurance policy. Let us know what you should keep in mind while choosing the right health insurance policy for you.

Health Insurance Tips: There will be no regret after buying health insurance, just keep these 5 things in mind

Health Insurance Tips: There will be no regret after buying health insurance, just keep these 5 things in mind

Health Insurance: After the Corona period, people have become more conscious about their health. Nowadays people have already started taking health insurance to prevent the expenditure on illness in future.

First of all know that-

1) What is your need in terms of health insurance?

Your health insurance plan should be tailored according to the needs of your family. The premium amount is based on the number of family members and their age.

2) Cashless Network

Make sure that the list of cashless hospitals under the insurance plan you are buying includes your nearest and most convenient hospital.

3) Waiting Period

There is a waiting period for the treatment of diseases in the insurance policy. During that period the insurance company is not liable to pay any claims of the insurance. This period generally lasts for 30 days from the date of purchase of the policy. That’s why be sure to know what is the waiting period of your policy.

4) Pre-existing disease

Generally, health insurance plans do not cover pre-existing diseases, depending on the age of the policy holder and the terms of the policy.

5) Take advantage of the free look period

Before taking the policy, read the clauses of the claim, do not forget to fill your insurance application form correctly. Fill all the important information related to your age and health correctly, because not doing so while making an insurance claim can also lead to rejection of your claim and cancellation of your policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your policy, you can also get your money back by returning the policy using the 15 day free look period.


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