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What is Loan And Type of Loan in Hindi | 9 Type of Loan Available

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What is loan in Hindi? information about the loan & type of loan (loan type information) is given. You will have to give credit when you are the marker. To start making, a loan is needed. We have a loan for financial crisis. It is also called loan.

Provide personal or anyone’s loan bank or private arrangement. What is a loan posted next Know the information in Hindi.

What is Loan – What Is Loan In Hindi Meanings 

Loan also has to be kept “borrowed” in Hindi. Even in the habitat. Prefers. Loan in common language means – is favorable for this time period, is the loan. The principal has also been written for this. For loan in India country. Special person is more than special.

Loan Capacity – Required for loan in India. Loan Anyone can take a loan from the bank personally. There are even bank accounts.

What about a loan from a bank?

These characteristics are characteristic of the bank for loans. This attribute is in a way that is tied in any way such as the amount of the loan to the attribute of the loan. News News News News Newspapers Aadhar card is important.


The biggest problem in the loan lies in the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) of the loan. EMI has to be increased on time. Many people don’t have loan debts kana is their theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirss whereby Vasabair people are true ktum patriots who are from time to time time to time time to time who Whoever is who is, is a traitor, whatever they are doing.

If you are a government employee or employee then you will keep them in loan. You have a micro meeting. You won’t do it by being spoiled. To be sure, also make sure that the loan includes it. Unless you take out a loan.

Types of Loans – Types of Loans in Hindi

Personal Loan, Home Loan, Educational Loan, Car Loan, Agriculture Loan, Loan Loan, Gold Loan. One type of secured loan is the asset for the loan. There is very little in this type of loan. For a loan they are of any type as such they are not exclusive. Movie interest is increased. Before the loan

Tangar Natana Loan If you are able to get a loan, take a loan. For loan, contact the bank itself. Don’t be fooled by any agent. Like before the loan they clean once again.

Sometimes the loan is given even before the time. The alarm sounds at different times. In order to remain stable even at the time of commencement of the bank, it is necessary that the bank improves the condition of the bank even after it is in operation.

Debts arising are related to a particular person who will convert a person into debt. The maximum interest on loan from individual is even less.

How many types of loans are Available 

When a person goes to the bank and applies for a loan there , the bank executives first ask the customer what type of loan they want . . It simply means that what is their need, because the banks clearly believe that the loan is as needed . For this, you have to tell your need to the bank executives that for which need you want to take loan from the bank. Let us know what types of loans are available in the bank.


1.Personal Loan

The loan given by the bank to meet the personal needs of a person is called Personal Loan . Generally this loan comes under the category of unsecured loan . The interest rate in this loan is higher than other loans . Most of the banks allow their customers to take a personal loan . For this, they check the civil score of the person and his income etc.

With the loan money taken in this way, a person can also use his personal needs like wedding expenses , to go somewhere or to buy something for himself. Generally, it is very easy to get a personal loan , just the loan record of the person should be good and there should not be any loan running on it.

Most of the people keep getting calls from banks for this type of loan . But before taking a personal loan , it is very important to know about its interest rateBecause as mentioned earlier, in this type of loan, banks charge more interest from the customer . That is why, unless there is an urgent need, one should avoid taking this type of loan .

2.Home Loan

In this fast- paced life of the metropolis , today everyone wants their own small home. For people who want to buy or build their own house but do not have enough money to buy their own house. Such people can make their dream of home come true by taking home loan . To such customers who are willing to take a home loan , the bank gives a loan, considering the value of the property and the condition of their loan repayment . Which will be given to these customers with interest in twenty thirty years.It has to be repaid, since the loan repayment time is very long, so the consumers do not have any problem in repaying it, they keep paying the home loan taken in monthly installments comfortably .

3.Education Loan

It is the dream of every parent that they can give a better future to their child. Whose worry starts after the child finishes high school . When a parent wants to make their children a doctor, engineer or some kind of professional degree course and the parents do not have enough money for their education , in such a situation, the child’s Parents are very worried. In such a situation, raising money for the education of the child for the parents is no less than chewing iron gram.

In such a situation, many government and non -government banks give loans to the parents of children for the education of children, which is called education loan . With this loan, children pay their education fees and when the child joins the job after completing his studies, then the same student can pay that education loan in monthly installments to the bank . ) pays. Most of the banks approve this type of education loan for children, just a guarantor for this.It is needed on whose responsibility this loan is passed. The guarantor can be the parents of the child or any other relative of the child. Who has an account in the same bank .

4.Car Loan

The second biggest dream of every Indian after owning a home is that of a car . Everyone wants that they go somewhere with their family, for which they must have at least one car. Car for middle class families is no less than a dream even today. Neither did people have lump sum money to buy a car , nor would they be able to buy the car of their dreams . But banks have made this difficulty of the people very easy. Usually all government and non-government banks provide loan for buying a car for the job profession and those doing their business.This car is called a car loan .  For this, any person who is willing to buy a car can buy a car according to his mind by taking a car loan from the bank . The interesting thing is that banks charge very little interest on car loans .  

5.Credit Card Loan

Credit card loan is very good in many cases, it is the best option to meet the sudden need of money. Suppose you have already taken home loan and car loan and suddenly you are in great need of money. In such a situation, you can work by taking a loan from your credit card . In many cases, it is better than a personal loan because you do not have to go through all the procedures like a personal loan and it does not take as much time as a personal loan. Credit card loan as well as personal loanLike, it has to be repaid with interest during a fixed time period .

Suppose if a person wants to take a personal loan , then first he has to submit his bank statement, Form 16 , Pay Slip and all the necessary documents in the bank . Huh. After that the bank ‘s investigators check all the documents of the applicant, this process takes a long time. But for a credit card loan , you only have to talk to the customer care and very quickly the credit card loan comes in your bank account .

It is very important for everyone to know one thing about credit card loan that the interest rate on credit card loan is flat while the interest rate on personal loan is reducing i.e. the principal amount. With less interest, the interest also decreases. That is why credit card loans should not be taken for a long time. Personal loan is more beneficial for long term .

6.Business Loan

In a developing country like India where unemployment is a big problem. Even after having a lot of education, many young people keep roaming idle due to lack of job . To improve this situation, the Government of India has started many schemes . Like Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna and there are many other such schemes in which any unemployed person can start their small or big business from fifty thousand to 10 lakhs. Can take loan . So a business loan is one in which we take a loan from the bank.You can start business or any of your employment.

To take a business loan , first you have to prepare your plan well. When you apply for this type of loan in a bank , the first thing the bankers know about your business plan , when they are completely satisfied that your plan If it is good then let us know about the cost estimation of your business . If the officers of the bank are completely satisfied that you are a suitable person to do business and in fact your business will earn profit and you will remain in the bank for a certain period of time .If you return the money, then the bank workers get ready to give you the loan.

7.Gold Loan

Every day we see advertisements related to Gold Loan on TV. Gold Loan: Basically, you mortgage the gold kept on your house with a company in a way and can take a loan in return . You get your gold back once the loan is repaid . Gold loan has become very popular in India. In fact, there is a lot of attachment towards gold in the Indian public . Even the poorest of the poor have a little gold.Definitely buys. Most of the women prefer to wear gold in any function, party or program. Jewelery is made especially for the girl in marriage and jewelery made of gold is given. In this way it is a property which is there in almost every family.

In earlier times, whenever a person needed money, the jewels kept in the house were mortgaged to moneylenders or goldsmiths and the modern form of the same is gold loan companies. . Many banks have also started Gold Loan Scheme . For this, any person who wants to take a gold loan has to deposit the gold kept in his house in the bank and the bank has to check the proportion of gold deposited on it . Gives loan to the applicant. This loan is also given to the applicant as interest in monthly installments.After the repayment of the loan , the customer gets his gold back from the bank.

8.Property Loan

If there is life, then there are problems too, small and big problems are involved in the life of every person . People buy land , collect jewellery , buy vehicles and collect every comfort thing to make life better. But when suddenly some trouble comes when there is a need of so much money, so much money that it takes us years to earn .

In such a situation, we have an option of property loan . In which we can take a loan by mortgaging our house, land or farm etc. with the bank . This type of loan is called property loan . Whenever a person or institution wants to take this type of loan , the bank first assesses its cost in terms of the market value of the property. After that the bank also sees whether you will be able to repay the amount to be taken within the stipulated time frame. Seeing all these things the bankDetermines the loan amount to be given to you . This loan amount can be fifty to seventy percent of the value of the property . The bank gives up to fifteen years to repay this type of loan . Which has to be repaid by the borrower along with interest in the form of monthly installments .

9.Project Loan

Very few people are fully aware about Project Loan . These types of loans are taken from banks to complete any of their projects . This is usually the most difficult loan to get. Unless the bank is completely sure that you will make a profit on the completion of your assigned project and you will not repay the bank’s loan with interest within the time limit, the bank will not accept such loan. does not accept.

Who has a Bank loan in India?
There is a loan in India. Internal position Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, ICICI, Axis Bank, PNB, HDFC, Kotak are many others Banks. There is regularity of loan in the bank. If there are more accounts on any account, then there is a loan against the bank account.

Going from the Government of India through the Government of India loan from the credit card if it is the same then it is the same. Prepare bank card limits.

, It is true that your truth is true. Having grown professionally, professionally, the loan will be your real success. Helps you out of debt.

Note- What is loan? What is loan information in Hindi, about the type of loan, information about the type of loan in Hindi, what will be called? This was posted in “Loan kya hota hai in Hindi”


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