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Motor Insurance (Car insurance)

Hello friends, today you are going to know that complete information in motor insurance in hindi, have you ever wondered why everyone gets car insurance, brother sir, disaster does not come by asking anyone, you drive as much as you want, but the next one too. Must be a safe driver, suppose he has an accident, what will happen?

Let’s assume that you escaped from it, then what if your car is stolen, what will happen if there is a fire, these are all such things that do not come by asking anyone and there is no guarantee, we have to be safe from all this That’s why the call is in this that we get our car insured

How to Renew Car Insurance Online
How to Renew Car Insurance Online

If you think that someone is taking the guarantee of your car, for this you need to invest a little money, there are some companies who insure your car by taking a small amount of money for your expensive car, so that your car does not have any Even if there is a loss, they pay the full price of your car, this is called car insurance.

motor insurance in hindi

Let’s assume that you have to get car insurance now, but when you go to get insurance, you get car insurance from anyone, but whatever happens with you in an accident, which causes damage to your car,

So at that time you go to take a claim, then on that day you come to know that what we have to claim is not covered in our policy, so why did it happen because we have taken the policy, then we know about it. No, that’s why my brother read the post so that there is no confusion in your mind.


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what are the types of insurance

1. Third Party Insurance In Hindi

What is third party insurance, we will understand it as an example, like suppose you are going on the way and while walking on the way, a vehicle comes in front of you, you collide with it, during the collision both the vehicles are damaged, And the mistake was yours, in this your insurance company will give full money to the other car with which you collided, and there is a loss of his car.

So what will happen to your car if it is damaged? You will have to invest full money in this, because you had got your third party insurance done by paying less money in the greed of a little money.

With whom you have a collision, suppose the fault of that vehicle, then the company that belongs to it gives you the full cost of your vehicle, whatever you have lost, it is called third party insurance.

First Party Insurance In Hindi

Now, what is this first party insurance, we will consider it as an example, suppose you are going in a car on the way, and the car came from the front and collided with it, then it is considered as your fault in this case what will your insurance company do which Whether you have a loss or another vehicle is damaged, the company will give full money to both of them to make the car, it is called first party insurance. In this you have to pay a little more money.

Zero Dep Insurance In Hindi

Now what is zero dep tuition, this is the feature of those who get first party insurance, the feature is such that in first party insurance, the company does not give you some percentage, so when zero dep insurance is added to it, then your Your insurance company pays the entire cost of the damage caused to the vehicle, you do not need to pay any money in this.

Things to keep in mind while buying auto insurance

When shopping for insurance, you should keep the following 10 things in mind to get the best rates on comprehensive coverage.

  1. Add-ons : Learn about the add-on features provided by the company and the additional coverage that is appropriate in your specific case.
  2. Coverage : Know whether you need comprehensive coverage or third party liability coverage on an urgent basis. In our opinion, it is always better to go online with comprehensive motor insurance in hindi.
  3. Claim Process : Go through the claim process to find out how complicated the task is, at some point, you may need to file a claim.
  4. Personal Accident Cover : Always account for whether the policy you are buying will cover you in case of personal accident or not.
  5. Zero Depreciation Cover : A car becomes worth almost half the moment it steps out of the showroom. In order to maintain the monetary value of the vehicle, you should opt for zero depreciation cover to deal with the loss post depreciation.
  6. Garages : All motor insurance providers have a network of garages where vehicle service and repairs are more affordable than local garages. You should consider them as the vehicle will need more frequent servicing during the journey.
  7. IDV : Only reliable insurance companies will offer you the best market value of the vehicle after deducting the depreciation amount. With this, you can get a compensation called Sum Assured in case your vehicle is stolen or completely destroyed.
  8. NCB : Find out if motor insurance providers offer a nice no claim bonus and other benefits when you need to renew the policy after expiry. For each year that you spend without making an insurance claim, the deductible for the next year’s plan increases progressively.
  9. Premiums : Ask for detailed specifications for how the company calculates premiums for your motor insurance online. Be aware of the factors that play a role and clear your doubts without hesitation.

Policy Documents: Never sign any documents without reading and reviewing the policy. There are several sections in the document that may confuse you. Hence, always go through the document carefully and only then finalize the car insurance purchase.


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